Vintage Butterfly 1st Birthday Party

I was so fortunate today to come across this gorgeous party idea online. This beautiful celebration was created by Carey from With Joy for her beautiful daughter’s first birthday. This whole party was simply fabulous from beginning to end and it was something that you could easily replicate at home. Before we dive into replicating this party, take a moment to drink in these beautiful photos.


How wonderful did this party turn out?  I love how everything is so stunningly victorian and so simple to pull off!  Let’s start with that beautiful sweet table decorations.



See the backdrop? It’s just a simple 4 x 4 plywood board covered with burlap, ribbon and fabric with a little bit of quilt backing to give it some dimension. Backdrops are a simple way to really dress up a table you have pushed up against the wall. Draped across the backdrop are simple paper chains. What makes them so beautiful is that Carey chose to use such unique papers to create her paper chains and tie in the victorian butterfly team. Simple but look at how it really gives this table beautiful dimension!


In her blog Carey mentions that she used the Silhouette die cutting machine to create many of the paper decorations for her party. This cool little paper die cutting tool creates the most amazing designs ~ it’s something on my own wish list because I’m a scrapbooker. It looks like she created all the butterflies, tablecards and wording on the cards with hers and the results are truly professional and stunning!


Made with the Silhouette die-cut machine


Carey mentioned that she purchased this great burlap tablecloth from a cute Etsy shop called Sweet Tea and Linen . It really gives the table such a beautiful texture and creates the perfect base to display her lovely deserts!


Speaking of those deserts ~ don’t they look scrumptious displayed in the hodge podge of white glass containers? There look to be Hershey hugs and kisses, great Valentine’s day colored M&M’s, Meringue cookies, cupcakes and decedant dipped Oreo cookies!  What, never heard of a dipped Oreo before? The are beautiful additions to any party and crazy easy to make!



Dipped Oreo Cookies


You will need:

  • Oreo Cookies
  • Wilton Candymelts in pink, brown and white
  • White sprinkles
  • Wax paper

Layout your wax paper to put your dipped Oreo cookies on. Melt the candymelts in the microwave and then submerge your cookie in the candymelts. Pull them out and let them drip for about 10-15 seconds. Transfer the cookies to your wax paper and immediately sprinkle with your white sprinkles. Allow them to set until the candy coating becomes hard.  That’s it!  Easy and delicious ~ my two favorite things! You can pick up the Wilton candymelts at any craft store that sells candy making supplies.


Casey did such a wonderful job with this party, didn’t she? She turned a simple 1st birthday party into a gala event that her birthday guests will never forget. I’m sure when her daughter looks back at these pictures she will really feel special because of all the hard work her mother went to in order to make her 1st birthday so amazing!  Great job Casey!


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