Holiday Office Party Gift Raffle

Every year the company I work for throws a holiday luncheon and you’ll never guess who gets to plan it every year!   That’s right…little old me.

So, every year I look for fun things we can do during the luncheon because it is probably one of the only times of the year where our departments actually get to see each other face to face instead of through e-mails. One fun thing we came up a few years ago was a gift raffle.

Now, this will require you to have some gifts for your guests so bear that in mind when you set this up. This is the easy part for me because our company has a strict policy that any gifts that come into our company cannot be kept for personal use. It helps cut down on any favoritism with our vendors.

Good for me!  I can use these in our candy cane raffle!  I also talked to management and got them to donate full days and half days off as prizes too ~ so every year all my co-workers look forward to this little game. You can also see if you can get some petty cash to go out and get things like gift cards to Wal-Mart or local restaurants too.

Here’s how you run the raffle:

  1. Have your HR department e-mail you a spread sheet of all the employees at your company.
  2. Assign each employee on the list their own number starting with 1
  3. Create a slip of paper for each employee’s number. Make sure these are all uniform in size ~ you don’t want any issues later
  4. Fold these slips equally and put them in a festive container like a Santa hat or a holiday bowl
  5. Mark the gifts with letters. (e.g. (1) full day off certificate is A, (1) wrapped gift is B and so on…).

At your party, walk around the room with the festive container and the master list of names and corresponding numbers. Invite your co-workers to pick a slip out of the container and make sure to tell them what prize they are picking someone for. Then you simply match the number on the slip to the number next to the employee name on your master list.

Couldn’t be easier, right?  This is always one of the highlights of our holiday luncheon every year. In fact, people have started buzzing about winning the full and half days off already.

Give it a try and let me know how it goes for your company this year!




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