Holiday Cocktail Parties ~ Making It FESTIVE!

The one thing that many people overlook when they are planning a holiday cocktail party is making the foods they serve look festive to their guests.

So many times we overlook this part of the party ~ we are so busy focusing on the decorations and the drinks that we forget that the food itself is one of your biggest decorations!

Cocktail party food doesn’t just have to be the same old blah foods ~ you can make your foods not only taste great but have your guests oohing and ahhing over how much trouble you went to making everything special!

If you are having a holiday cocktail party ~ here are some ideas to really help your holiday table come alive this year!




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Wrap & Stack Sandwich Tree Cheese Ball Santa Christmas Tree Crudite
Christmas Package Cheese Snack Crescent Holiday Tree Cheese Ball Tree

Now – what would a good cocktail party be without the festive drinks? Looking for some creative drink ideas that will wow your guests?  No problem!  There are many different drinks that you can serve to your guests that will put them in the festive mood!  How about some of these great suggestions?

Just click any of the images for the recipes.

Mistletoe Mojito Santa’s Sleigh La Stella Grande
Holiday Egg Nog Vita Coco Crantini The Grinch

Now that you have some unique holiday cocktails to serve ~ make sure that you give them the extra-special garnish they deserve!  Feel free to use the following garnish ideas in your cocktails this year:

  • Mini Candy Canes
  • Red and Green Colored Sugars
  • Cranberries
  • Curling Ribbon
  • Crushed Candy Cane for the Rims
  • Chocolate

Another interesting thing that is new on the market is alcoholic whipped cream!  Seriously…they have now found a way to put alcohol ~ and 18% alcohol by the way ~ into whipped topping!  While it’s not available everywhere…you can find more information at .

This has endless possibilities from shots to frozen drinks.  And being 18% alcohol ~ it’s sure to liven up the party!  Currently they sell 7 different flavors and each one looks yummy!  Too bad they don’t sell this in our state yet.

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