Farm Party Ideas

Sheep Cake

While surfing the internet yesterday I received a tweet of this image from @5dollardinners of this absolutely adorable sheep cake idea.  Marshmallows!  What a cute and inspired idea!

But, were sheep really THAT popular when it comes to party themes?  I was shocked to find out the answer was a resounding YES! This picture got my brain thinking of all the different parties you could have with sheep incorporated into your theme – but the Old MacDonald farm theme stood out.

Here are some great party ideas and pictures to inspire you.

Farm Birthday Party Ideas

If your son or daughter loves the farm or are into The Little People barnyard toyset this could be an awesome birthday party theme for you!  There are so many options for you in this theme..from horses to cows to pigs and sheep. 

40' Barn Siding Room Roll

Removable Wall Decorations

How about turning your party site into a big barn!  These cool removable wall stickers look just like the side of a barn, don’t they?  You could hang up some wound up rope and put it on the wall or even bring in some hay bales to give your party the look and feel of a real barn!

Or, you could bring the farm indoors by getting some corn stalks or just creating your own out of paper and a little paint.  Put up some fences to keep all the little party animals corralled. Even put up a rooster weather vain, a windmill or even a picture of a haystack with a pitchfork in it.

Decorate your tables with some red and white checked tablecloths and use mini haybales and baskets of fresh picked veggies or pumpkins to give it that extra special touch.

I did find a birthday party kit that fits this theme.  It’s called Barnyard Birthday and it’s adorable!  It comes with everything you could ever need to make your party a success…from the invitations to the decorations and beyond.  It is really cute!  The animals look like baby farm animals.  It looks like each different component of this theme has a different animal on it.  Take a look for yourself:

Barnyard Napkins (16) Barnyard Dinner Plates (8) Barnyard 9 oz. Cups (8) Barnyard Dessert Plates (8) Barnyard Hats (8)


Aren’t they too much?  Each one of them really is unique and is perfect for a baby or toddler’s birthday party! I just love how each one not only features a different farm animal, but it also tells you the sound each animal makes.  Perfect for an Old MacDonald type of birthday!!




This cow balloon could also be a really cute way to tie in the farm theme, couldn’t it?  I love how he is 3-d!


Rice Krispy Haybales


When we start talking about deserts for your party, we are not just talking about the birthday cake.  We’re talking about treats of all kinds!  Here’s a cute idea for a desert that all kids would love!  Make a pan of rice krispy treats and cut them into rectangles like haybales.  Then, you can take brown frosting and pipe two frosting lines to make the ties that hold the haybales together.  This super-cute idea was created by Broken Road Farm.





What about the cake?  My inspiration of a sheep cake looks super easy to do!  Just bake up a round cake and frost it with white icing.  Use black and white icing to create the sheep’s face and eyes.  Then, the fun begins! You can even let your birthday child get involved in the action.  Get yourself some marshmallows and cut them in half. Let your little one put the wool (marshmallows) on the sheep starting around the face and moving outward.  Cute!  You could easily do this with cupcakes to – just use miniature marshmallows.


Here are some other great ideas you can use to inspire you to create a fun and barnyard types of cakes and cupcakes! You can try to make these yourself or, if you aren’t caketistically inclined ~ take these designs to your favorite bakehouse and ask them to recreate the look for your party.


photo photo photo  
Photo by Sandy’s Sweets Photo by specialcakes/tracey Photo by brucakes  
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Photo by Cakes by Jen Photo by Selen7 Photo by haggaret  

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